Web applications

We design web applications driven by databases, customized for each customer, meeting varying company requirements. Our usual solutions include:

  • product databases, e.g. integrated with dedicated and customized search engine, categorized by certain features or presented on map (see example)
  • customer management systems (combined with analytic tools for effectiveness measurement, newsletters, built around company-specific client classifications etc.) (see example)
  • customized content management systems (featuring specific add-ons, e.g. supporting forum, advertisements management, news or shop)
  • product configurators (enabling virtual customization, automatic price calculation based on chosen product features or simplifing ordering process)
  • company intranet (linked with knowledge base, documents base, document workflow system etc.)

We provide non-standard software solutions based on concept of a thin client, i.e. providing analyses, calculations, reports based on data stored on central server displayed and handled via web browser. (see example). Such an approach allows end users to work only with a web browser without need of installing any additional software on their workstations. Application is accessible from all over the world with just any popular web browser.
Ajax technology helps in obtaining impression of working with standard desktop-based software installed on a local hard drive.


We specialize in applications built on .NET framework. Our databases are modelled for Microsoft SQL Server engine. We use asynchronous communication model with a help of Ajax or jQuery technology.