Reporting application

implementation case

Przykład 3

Application running on central server processes files downloaded from digital tachographs installed on commercial vehicle trucks. After transferring file to the server, software classifies data in terms of driver worktime, vehicle mileage etc. and generates advanced reports (i.e. for Transportation Inspection or Labour Inspection) presenting daily or weekly driver activities, daily summaries in the calendar-like style or other specialized reports prepared on-the-fly in pdf files.

Przykład 4

The software is integrated with the transportation portal. Registered users have access both to the reporting functionality of the application and additional features of the portal - truck workshop search engine, transportation forum, shop etc.

Advanced administration panel allows to manage news, articles, constant sections of the service, edit content in multiple languages, publish contests with multiple choice tests, analyze outcome and given answers, send newsletters, moderate forums and manage many other parameters in the reporting system.

Place presentation on map

implementation cases

Przykład 1

System presents positions of the yacht during the cruise. It visualizes the locations by marking the satellite photo with symbols. Each place can be clicked revealing detailed description or photographs taken at certain location. Next to the map, there is chronological list of points with links moving the map to the desired location.

Application has simplified administration panel for adding new geographical coordinates of the yacht during the cruise together with descriptions, photos, conditions of sea and wind. GPS position is marked on the moving map with the symbol and location is added to the list.

Przykład 2

Another application lists the places to sleep in vicinity of the World Rally Championship event - the Rally Poland. It presents accommodation database on the map together with photos, characteristics, prices etc. It keeps the status of the reservations and updates it on a regular basis. The service is available in three languages. It features a search engine allowing to find the accommodation based on few criteria.

System administrator has access to panel where he can easily and intuitively manage accommodations, reservations, object data and picture galleries. Placing accommodations can be achieved by dragging and dropping the symbol directly on a map or based on a geographical coordinates. Administrator gets also emails notifing about users interested in particular places to sleep.

Customer database

implementation case

Przykład 5

Application serves the salesmen by registering contacts with customers, tracing unhandled issues and reporting closed tasks. Thanks to the detailed search engine it helps find customers based on many criteria, like activities, contact types (phone, mail, visit etc.) or a phrase beeing noted in remarks. System helps organize customers with the grouping feature. It allows to send newsletters customized with preset tags converted to expressions based on customer gender.