How we work?

We set the rule - we work on one project at a time. This is why we virtually always meet deadlines. Thanks to this rule our work schedule is exceptionally brief and we stick to it. At all stages of developing process we assume that changes can be introduced, that is why most of the modifications of the requirements do not affect our schedule. We are very flexible in cooperation, we encourage our customers to try and test our software during the developing process to meet organization requirements at most.

Who we are?

We are small, that is why we can afford to work at non-standard hours, meet short time-limits and avoid inconvenient procedures.

We represent knowledge and experience in two areas - information technology and marketing. Information technology knowledge gives us the benefit of swift and efficient software building abilities, while marketing helps us in delivering great usability and ergonomy in our products.

Why we?

Because we respect your time and money.

Because our software is coded in accordance with the best practices, we care for its great quality.

Because we price our products reasonably and competitively.