We offer individually designed web applications. They are tailor-made for your organization.

Amongst our most popular products we have:

  • product databases, e.g. integrated with dedicated and customized search engine, categorized by certain features or presented on map (see example)
  • customer management systems (combined with analytic tools for effectiveness measurement, newsletters, built around company-specific client classifications etc.) (see example)
  • customized content management systems (featuring specific add-ons, e.g. supporting forum, advertisements management, news or shop)
  • product configurators (enabling virtual customization, automatic price calculation based on chosen product features or simplifing ordering process)
  • company intranet (linked with knowledge base, documents base, document workflow system etc.)

We analize thoroughly your organization requirements before starting work on our products and we offer solutions individually designed for each customer. We are extremely flexible throughout the whole production process, we encourage our customers to validate and improve system features both on developing and testing stages.

High standards - reasonable prices

Our price offer will be competitive for sure - while still keeping high quality. We are up-to-date in implementing new technologies in software coding process.